paris apartment sale

What to check before buying an apartment in Paris

Buying an apartment in Paris is an important investment. This is why it is necessary to have all the elements in hand in order to make the right choice and avoid any unpleasant surprises. You will find in this article everything you need to check before buying a property in the capital.

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The phases of a dental implant operation

Dental implants provide a way of resolving the problem of missing teeth over the long-term, and it’s this very effectiveness that makes them an attractive solution. They offer many advantages over other teeth replacement methods. Despite their costliness, these operations are becoming more and more common. The following information will enable you to gain a better understanding of this effective technique for resolving problems with teeth. Read More

dentist nice

How do I find a dentist in Nice?

Whether you have just moved to Nice or want to change dentists, it is never easy to find a practitioner to trust. However, there are a few tips that you should know. Read More


What is the flyboard ?

Many people, throughout history, have dreamed of a personal flying machine! Even before the earliest days of flight through to the Sci-fi films of today, man has been looking for ways to be in the air.

The thought of being able to strap on some wings, a propeller or even a jet pack, to be able to fly through the air, has captured many an enthusiast’s imagination. Well Flyboarding is a new and exhilarating watersport that is as near as a person can be to achieving that ambition. An experience like no other. Read More

interior designer

How do I become an interior designer ?

An interior designer is tasked with creating a precise ambiance in a given space. It could be a home, an office or a hotel. The professional plays with materials, colours and light to personalise the space to fit the client’s preferences. Here, you’ll find all the essential information you need to get into this fascinating profession.

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flyfish nice

A thrilling activity: discover the flyfish

Among all the existing water sports activities, none is able to provide sensations like the flyfish! Accessible from the earliest age (generally from 8 years old), the flyfish principle consists of a huge buoy that must be tamed during an intense session of fun! Through this publication, we will go into more detail on the characteristics of this nautical activity, then we will see that specific weather conditions are required to fully enjoy the flyfish…

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Home staging: what I did to sell my house quickly

You would think that selling an apartment in location like Paris would be easy. But, in my case, trying to sell my apartment in Ivry-sur-Seine proved very difficult indeed. However, my problems were solved when I tried a different technique: home staging.  Here’s my advices to you, so you can sell your home too! Read More


I’ve tested… A journey Paris-Nice in a car-pool

Is it just me or is the cost of transport increasing these days? I’m tired of paying out extortionate travel fees and using up my hard-earned savings to get where I want to go. So I decided to find a solution! This recently led me to have my first car-sharing experience and, despite my worries, it turned out fine! So, here’s what I think about car-poolingRead More


Promotion: Invest in a car park

When looking into the best ways to invest money these days, I came across an idea that had not even crossed my mind: invest in a car park! I know it seems a bit strange, maybe even a bit stupid, but when you think about it, it’s a great idea given the fact that the number of cars in use is increasing on a daily basis. Read More


My top 3 tips to well trim your beard

My beard is my pride and joy, but I admit that keeping it tidy is certainly hard work. So, if you have a beard, or if you want one, in this article I aim to give you some tips and tricks on keeping your beard neat.  Here’s some motivation for you: these days women prefer men with beards! Read More


Why you absolutely have to go to Ireland this summer

Finally it’s July, more than a few weeks before your summer holidays but do you still not know where you will go this summer? You’re looking for something that at the same time provides you with relaxation, a change of scenery, a different culture but isn’t too far from France? Do not search anymore, Ireland is the destination that you must absolutely visit!

After having spent 4 weeks in August 2015 exploring and travelling the entire country, I offer you a top 5 reasons which prove that this is the ideal destination for a successful summer holiday! Read More