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A thrilling activity: discover the flyfish

Among all the existing water sports activities, none is able to provide sensations like the flyfish! Accessible from the earliest age (generally from 8 years old), the flyfish principle consists of a huge buoy that must be tamed during an intense session of fun! Through this publication, we will go into more detail on the characteristics of this nautical activity, then we will see that specific weather conditions are required to fully enjoy the flyfish…

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Why you absolutely have to go to Ireland this summer

Finally it’s July, more than a few weeks before your summer holidays but do you still not know where you will go this summer? You’re looking for something that at the same time provides you with relaxation, a change of scenery, a different culture but isn’t too far from France? Do not search anymore, Ireland is the destination that you must absolutely visit!

After having spent 4 weeks in August 2015 exploring and travelling the entire country, I offer you a top 5 reasons which prove that this is the ideal destination for a successful summer holiday! Read More