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A thrilling activity: discover the flyfish

Among all the existing water sports activities, none is able to provide sensations like the flyfish! Accessible from the earliest age (generally from 8 years old), the flyfish principle consists of a huge buoy that must be tamed during an intense session of fun! Through this publication, we will go into more detail on the characteristics of this nautical activity, then we will see that specific weather conditions are required to fully enjoy the flyfish…

What is the flyfish?

In the same way as for upward parachuting, the flyfish (literally “flying fish”) works on the principle of traction. Except that here, instead of letting yourself slip gently into the air with a large sail, we are dealing with a big buoy that braves the waves! Hence the impression of taming a crazy horse, which no other aquatic discipline is able to offer in terms of sensations!

The principle is relatively simple: a giant buoy is towed by a boat. As the boat gains speed, the buoy pitches up and even flies into the air! All that remains is to hold on and enjoy all the sensations of this activity! We consider that, facing the wind, the buoy is able to rise up to 5 meters high!

Flyfish is an activity that began in the 2000s on the beaches of the French Riviera.

The enthusiasm for the activity soon became extremely popular, to the point of replacing in some places certain nautical activities that were well established in the landscape. The buoy, with a wingspan of 4 metres and generally towed by an outboard motor, is a delight for both young and old, to the delight of professionals who regularly experiment with new recreational activities!

Of course, all the gear is guided and piloted by a professional on board the boat, who adapts the speed according to your wishes. When the speed is reduced, the buoy tends to slide more on the water. But be careful: when the speed is at its maximum, the boat rears up and takes off! In fact, if the weather conditions are good, it is possible to glide almost 40 metres in length: enough to get the most thrills!

Of course, safety is the number one priority for professionals working on this activity. In such a way that every moment remains fun and accessible to a very wide audience, and from the age of 7 / 8 years. Smaller people also need to be reassured: this activity is also dedicated to them, the flyfish remaining above all a fun and controllable activity at any time.

The family dimension is thus clearly claimed by the flyfish, which remains an activity to be shared. Indeed, most water sports are practiced alone or in small numbers, as can be the case with parachuting. Here, the number of participants is increasing every time, and thus attracts a large audience.

The flyfish, for whom?

As we have had the opportunity to see above, the flyfish is a nautical leisure activity that is practiced with the whole family: which means that it can be suitable for a large audience from 7 to 77 years old! Also, the flyfish can accommodate a large number of people at a time: up to 6 people in most cases! However, as expected, the more weighted the buoy is, the fewer opportunities there will be to actually fly away. This is why it is advisable, on the occasion of a water baptism, to board the buoy for a maximum of 2 people. In this way, it becomes possible to take off and reach a height of 5 meters in the best moments.

Are you a company or a legal entity, and are you looking for an original activity to create a true group spirit? During a seminar or any other professional event, it is quite possible to book a flyfish activity for 10 to 15 minutes. In this way, you will be able to give a good boost to your working relationships, with the certainty of having a good time.

Also, such a nautical activity can be interesting as part of a gift voucher.

Do not hesitate to offer your entourage “flying fish” tours, in the heart of a popular nautical base. Be aware that the west coast of France is full of stations specialized in flyfish practice. There you will find a team entirely dedicated to your well-being, which will provide you with frequent innovations – such as the possibility of seeing in the front using a transparent fabric. Practical to avoid being splashed while maintaining good visibility!

What are the weather conditions for flyfish?

The weather is an important element that can decide whether or not to practice this activity. For the safety of users, professionals carefully monitor the evolution of the climate day after day, and do not hesitate to warn about bad weather conditions. In addition to the stormy seas, which can cause problems, wind is also an essential factor. Flyfish is therefore, by necessity, a seasonal activity subject to weather conditions. Curious visitors and tourists are therefore strongly advised to book as far in advance as possible, and do not hesitate to ask the nautical bases for information.

Each nautical activity is subject to climatic conditions from a specific point that is more commonly known as a “spot”. This is a term well known to sea sportsmen and women, who know when to practice or not their favourite activity. Thus, the flyfish is subject to the same restrictions as other water activities, and the sea must be calm enough to consider embarking a group.

We have just seen in detail the characteristics of a nautical activity like the flyfish. You can see that it is a resolutely fun and entertaining experience, especially in groups.

The original character of the activity makes it all the more charming, and easily climbs to the top of the most popular activities during the summer season. However, to be planned to fully enjoy the activity: an outfit suitable for the activity and the season – which means swimsuit and towel! Many cities all over France offer this activity, from the French Riviera to Saint-Nazaire or Guérande in the West of France.