What is the flyboard ?

Many people, throughout history, have dreamed of a personal flying machine! Even before the earliest days of flight through to the Sci-fi films of today, man has been looking for ways to be in the air.

The thought of being able to strap on some wings, a propeller or even a jet pack, to be able to fly through the air, has captured many an enthusiast’s imagination. Well Flyboarding is a new and exhilarating watersport that is as near as a person can be to achieving that ambition. An experience like no other.

What is the principle of the flyboard ?

Simply put, the Flyboard is a device that allows a person to stand on a board that is connected by a long hose to a jet ski that follows along behind. The rider of the Flyboard wears specialised boots that are attached to the board by straps, similar to used for wakeboarding, The boots have jet nozzles underneath and when water is then forced, under pressure, through the attached hose, the force of the water provides enough pressure for the rider to rise up. The power to the hose is controlled by the driver (usually the instructor) of the jet ski. It is possible to attain heights of up to 15 metres into the air.

With more experience you also have the ability to dive headlong down, underwater to depths of up to 2.5 metres. When tired, it is possible to just hover in the water to regain your breath before trying it all over again!

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Who is the flyboard for?

The Flyboard is for those people who love the exhilaration of extreme water sports. The adrenalin junkie who thrills at new and exciting experiences. Suitable for all ages from teenagers to the older person, Flyboarding takes you into the realm of the action movie. Balancing on the hoverboard above the waves or diving down into the sea, the water jet carries you up or propels you through the water. The only equipment you need are wetsuits as all other equipment will be provided by the water sports provider.


How many sessions are needed to master flyboarding ?

Learning how to fly the flyboard is not as difficult as you may think! Your instructor will help you in boarding the device out on the water. Then, given the proper instruction, most people learn to hover above the water within minutes. As you gain more confidence in both the equipment and your instructor, you will easily master the techniques needed to have a good control of the board.

A boat or a paddleboard will take you out onto the water. Parasailing will let you soar above the water. But Flyboarding is the ultimate in extreme watersports. It is the only one that allows you to be on, in and above the water. Your jet ski ‘buddy’ will be there to give you the ride of a lifetime!