Why you absolutely have to go to Ireland this summer

Finally it’s July, more than a few weeks before your summer holidays but do you still not know where you will go this summer? You’re looking for something that at the same time provides you with relaxation, a change of scenery, a different culture but isn’t too far from France? Do not search anymore, Ireland is the destination that you must absolutely visit!

After having spent 4 weeks in August 2015 exploring and travelling the entire country, I offer you a top 5 reasons which prove that this is the ideal destination for a successful summer holiday!

Beer and Pub Culture

Enjoy a pint of Guinness, the local beer in a traditional pub !

Who said that summer necessarily means parties, drinks, music, football and beer… Luckily, that’s the specialty of the Irish! Traditional pubs are open all day and you will be able to find them absolutely everywhere in towns, small villages, ports and even in the Connemara plains.  It’s the ideal atmosphere to relax, sample Irish beers and whisky and enjoy live concerts and Celtic music.  If you are on your way to Dublin, don’t miss the Temple Bar area which gathers the most mythical pubs of the town.

If you prefer to sample your beer in a calmer environment, don’t panic! You can visit the factory of the national beer, Guinness.  Situated in Dublin in the St James Gate brewery, the Guinness Storehouse offers an original experience in allowing you to join in at every step, from the creation to the tasting of this famous dark beer.

Irish hospitality and humour

They charmed us and made us laugh in the Parisian streets during Euro 2016.  Because in effect, they sang the Marseillaise in the metro, cleaned the streets after the party, helped change tires, payed car repairs…and this was despite their defeat and elimination from the championship.  Staying true to themselves, they carried their sportsmanship and their good mood to their short stay in France.

And yes, the Irish are really like that: friendly, funny and warm and that they have even reported receiving a reward following their acclaimed travel in Paris: Mayor Anne Hidalgo awarded them the medal of the city of Paris on the last 28th June!

Scenery to take your breath away

Kylemore Abbey in the middle of nowhere in the Connemara…this castle looks magic!

Something great about Ireland is that you only need to distance yourself several kilometres from the big cities to discover incredibly surroundings where nature has remained wild and intact.  At least 30 minutes from Dublin, you will be able to admire the cliffs beneath a small village of fishers in Howth or you can visit the “Valley of Two lakes”, Glendalough.

If you go to the Galway region in the West, don’t miss the famous lakes of Connemara and the impressive Cliffs of Moher.

Will you have enough courage to cross this bridge ? I did it 🙂

Finally, enjoy a visit to the English party in Northern Ireland through the dizzying rope bridge at Carrick-a-Rode and go to the Valley of the Giants (Giant’s Causeway), a magical and enchanting place that will transport you to the Irish Celtic legends.

The Rich History and Culture of Ireland

If summer holidays means cultivation to you, you will not be disappointed when visiting Ireland! Vikings, Celtic legends and religious wars characterise the rich past of this country. You will be able to learn much more in the many free national museums devoted to the reconstruction of its history, as well as in the more unusual museums such as the Leprechauns Museum, entirely dedicated to the legends of these little Irish imps.

Do not miss St Patrick Cathedral!

Besides the museums, you can also simply enjoy St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church, two impressive cathedrals dating from the thirteenth century in the centre of Dublin. Moreover, July-August is the busiest part of the year: many festivals and concerts welcoming international artists are organized during these two months, so enjoy!

Irish really know how to party!

The climate

Finally, if you need one good reason to go to Ireland this summer, the climate is great! This is indeed the hottest period of the year when the temperature reaches temperatures of 20 °C; far from -5 °C that you may incur if you are traveling in winter. Although the beaches are beautiful, there is no need for a swimsuit. However, I advise you not to forget your umbrella!