My top 3 tips to well trim your beard

My beard is my pride and joy, but I admit that keeping it tidy is certainly hard work. So, if you have a beard, or if you want one, in this article I aim to give you some tips and tricks on keeping your beard neat.  Here’s some motivation for you: these days women prefer men with beards!

Shaping your beard

Before trimming your beard, I’d advise you to start by picking the style that you want to have.

When I do it, I smile in front of the mirror…after all, you have to admire yourself once in a while. More seriously, it makes your cheekbones stand out so that you can contour your beard. The hairs on the same level as the cheekbone should be shaved off.

Then, you need to shave off the bit under your Adam’s apple. I should point out that the hairs on your neck should definitely not meet up with the hairs on your chest!

Shaving effectively

For a long-lasting shave, I would advise that you use shaving gel and an electric razor with a brand new blade or, even better, a straight razor.

After applying the shaving gel, I pull the skin on my face taut to really expose the stubble and then shave closely in the opposite direction to the way the hair is growing. This helps delay new hair from appearing and also prevents stubble shadows.

Getting rid of short hairs

Certain facial hairs seem like you just can’t get rid of them; I find this very upsetting.  To get rid of them, don’t use a razor – that will just worsen matters.

Instead, I’d advise you to raid your wife’s products and find some wax to help you epilate fully.

These products are easy to use. Just apply the the wax in the direction that the hairs are growing, place the strip over them, and then pull it back in the opposite direction. It hurts like hell the first time you do it, but the pain fades pretty quickly! 🙂