Home staging: what I did to sell my house quickly

You would think that selling an apartment in location like Paris would be easy. But, in my case, trying to sell my apartment in Ivry-sur-Seine proved very difficult indeed. However, my problems were solved when I tried a different technique: home staging.  Here’s my advices to you, so you can sell your home too!

What is home staging?

Home staging is changing aspects of the decoration of your house or apartment to make it more appealing to the general buying population, therefore meaning that you will quickly sell your home and for more money.

Favour neutral colours

It turned out that one of the main issues for me was my teenage style and comic book themed room. Transforming my room into a clean, white-walled space allowed me to finally get the flat off the market.

Paint your wall with neutral colours, such as white and magnolia, as they appeal to more people; it makes everything look fresh and provides buyers with a blank canvas to imagine how they could make it their home. Keep it simple!


Limiting the amount of furniture in a space can improve presentation. It’s common knowledge that most prospective buyers will decide whether they like a place in the first ten seconds of being there. So, first impressions definitely count!  If you decide to decorate your place with a lot of furniture, it can be a bit overwhelming for visitors. Keep it uncluttered!

Separate your living space

Make sure to separate out your living room and dining room so that it is clear what that room’s purpose is. Buyers will undoubtedly prefer it if they can imagine themselves carrying out their daily activities there. It will also make your home seem bigger. Keep it neat!